We’re Getting Married!

FRIDAY, 26th JULY 2013


With an unbelievable amount of help from Cindy and Mike, and Amanda and Earl “Silver Fox” Fox, the planning for the amazing, stupendous, and heart-racing Vail/Fox wedding is on track, and the bride and groom couldn’t be more excited! With that in mind, we thought we’d put together this website for everyone to reference as the date approaches. This site will assist you with RSVP’s, Accommodations, Directions to the Manor House, Registry, and also provide you with a bit of entertainment (we hope).


We thank all of you for joining us on this day. Life without your family and friends is no life at all.


Go ahead and take a look around the site! We will keep the site live and updated for as long as Steve lives (which, given recent advances in CML medication, looks to be a very long time)!


Karen and Steve